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Project Name
Job Type
Create Specific Virtuemart 2.x Report Plugin 1PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Ajax, Joomla29/05/201305/06/2013
update joomla 1.7 to last version - repost 8Joomla29/05/201305/06/2013
Joomla Template 12PHP, CSS, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
Convert Joomla 3.0 site to Joomla 2.5 19CSS, Joomla29/05/201305/06/2013
Need help for custom a plugin or create a new - repost 3PHP, Javascript, CSS, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
Clean up AND secure the Joomla web site. - repost 11Joomla, Web Security, Website Testing29/05/201305/06/2013
Joomla guru needed 32PHP, CSS, Joomla, HTML29/05/201330/05/2013
Clean up AND secure the Joomla web site. 11Joomla, Web Security, Website Testing29/05/201305/06/2013
Ez realty ez portal modification 4PHP, Joomla, Software Architecture29/05/201305/06/2013
Joomla & PHP Expert for Affiliate website customization 15PHP, MySQL, CSS, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013

Hipay payment method integration in SocialAds component (Joomla) 10PHP, Joomla, Software Architecture29/05/201305/06/2013
Joomla expert needed for work with yootheme zoo 8PHP, Joomla, Software Architecture29/05/201305/06/2013
Website Building for Network/Server monitoring apps 9PHP, Website Design, Joomla, Website Management, Web Hosting29/05/201305/06/2013
Custom Joomla (Virtuemart) Plugin required 14PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Joomla, Software Architecture29/05/201305/06/2013
Make small changes to mobile version of website 20PHP, Joomla, Software Architecture29/05/201305/06/2013
Update my php site. 13PHP, MySQL, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
565242 Restore a Joomla Backup - repost 20PHP, MySQL, SQL, Joomla, Anything Goes29/05/201305/06/2013
Virtuemart website - changes - repost 5Joomla, Virtuemart29/05/201305/06/2013
Responsive Joomla website with extensions needed (Education) 42PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
IT Advertisign ,Total Solution & Consultancy website required (Joomla) 12PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
Joomla Template Modification - repost 2 23PHP, CSS, Joomla, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
Customise VirtueMart - Joomla 14PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Virtuemart28/05/201304/06/2013
Joomla Component upgrading 12PHP, CSS, Joomla, Software Architecture, HTML28/05/201304/06/2013
Magento Redo 28SQL, Joomla, Magento, eCommerce, Virtuemart28/05/201304/06/2013
Migrate Joomla 1.5 website to Joomla 2.5 32Joomla28/05/201304/06/2013
SetUp builder!! 1PHP, Javascript, Joomla, Virtuemart28/05/201304/06/2013
Embed shopping cart to sell unique files (Articles) in Joomla 8PHP, Joomla, Software Architecture28/05/201304/06/2013
E-commerce website 39PHP, Java, MySQL, Joomla28/05/201304/06/2013
Virtuemart Website Enhancements 0PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Security, Joomla, Programming, Virtuemart, Google, jQuery, Captcha, Migration19/06/201224/06/2012
Automatic Ebay Product Insert Into Joomla Store - Script 0PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Programming, eBay, Virtuemart, Script, Store, Product, Cron, Product Listing19/06/201203/07/2012
Joomla Novice Needed 1Joomla, Modification19/06/201203/07/2012
Carpool Website 1PHP, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal19/06/201203/07/2012
Copy A Simple Website Into Joomla 1Joomla, Copy19/06/201226/06/2012
Project#2 For 350usd/month 0PHP, Wordpress, CMS, Joomla, Programming, E-Commerce, Magento, Drupal, Codeigniter, Social Engine, Plugin19/06/201203/07/2012
Setup Simple Corporate Website Using Open Source Cms 3Wordpress, CMS, Joomla, Social Networking, Drupal, Facebook, Integration, Social Media, Open source, Simple, Installation, Slideshow, Setup19/06/201226/06/2012

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