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Project Name
Job Type
solve server problem 5Linux, CMS, Zend, Web Hosting29/05/201305/06/2013
CMS System Implementierung für bestehende Website 7PHP, XML, CMS, HTML29/05/201305/06/2013
PHP freelancer to make updates to Concrete 5 website 35PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, CMS28/05/201304/06/2013
Website from WordPress Template with E-commerce Functionality 16Website Design, Java, Wordpress, CMS, eCommerce28/05/201329/05/2013
Integrate Facebook Post Script 1PHP, CMS, Programming, Social Networking, Facebook, Integration, Script, Posting19/06/201203/07/2012
Setup Linux Server And Nameserver To Automate Url Setup 0PHP, Linux, CMS, Programming, Automation, Server, Installation, Setup, Ubuntu, URL19/06/201203/07/2012
Project#2 For 350usd/month 0PHP, Wordpress, CMS, Joomla, Programming, E-Commerce, Magento, Drupal, Codeigniter, Social Engine, Plugin19/06/201203/07/2012
Php Programmer (for Xml Parsing) 0PHP, Javascript, Java, Marketing, XML, Linux, Project Management, MySQL, CSS, CMS, Programming, Social Networking, Facebook, Apache, Long Term, Conversion, jQuery, RSS, RSS Feed, Parsing, Website Content, Regular Expressions, Object-oriented19/06/201203/07/2012
Setup Simple Corporate Website Using Open Source Cms 3Wordpress, CMS, Joomla, Social Networking, Drupal, Facebook, Integration, Social Media, Open source, Simple, Installation, Slideshow, Setup19/06/201226/06/2012
Convert Existing Php Website To Mobile Version 0PHP, Javascript, XML, XHTML, CMS, Handheld, Mobile, Conversion, Mobile Website, Web-Design And Development19/06/201226/06/2012

Custom Cms Gallery 5CMS, Open source, Custom, Gallery19/06/201203/07/2012
System Needed To Be Built 0Perl/CGI, System Administration, CMS, Programming, Social Networking, Facebook, Paypal API, HTML5, Widget, PayPal, Facebook Api, Soundcloud, Soundcloud Api18/06/201202/07/2012
Help Formatting Cms 0CMS18/06/201202/07/2012
Story Creator Tools 0Flash, CMS, HTML5, Mobile Application18/06/201218/07/2012
Team Management Web Application 0Javascript, Wordpress, CMS, Programming, Social Networking, Facebook, Management, Integration, Web Application, Plugin, Application, jQuery18/06/201218/07/2012
Need Experienced Pay Pal Integration Developer 0PHP, Perl/CGI, CMS, Integration, Development18/06/201202/07/2012
Joomla Cms I Need Help For Some Tasks To Complete 0CSS, CMS, Joomla, Checkout, Google17/06/201222/06/2012
Looking To Hire A Cms/php Expert 3PHP, CMS16/06/201230/06/2012
Create Administration Panel For My Website 1PHP, Wordpress, CMS, Joomla, French, Administration16/06/201219/06/2012
Events Calendar Website Replica 2Graphic Design, Logo Design, CMS, Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook, GPS, Linkedin, Google, Modification, Google Maps, Calendar, Events, Pinterest15/06/201229/06/2012
Zend Plug In Development 0CMS, Zend, Development, Plugin, Zend Framework, WYSIWYG14/06/201228/06/2012
Build A Community About Cars 0PHP, CMS, Security, Joomla, Programming, Social Networking, Facebook, Research, Integration, Customization, Template, Long Term, Bug, JomSocial, Like Button, Community, Layout Design13/06/201213/07/2012
Website - Cms System 3Wordpress, CMS, Joomla, Web Application, Web-Design And Development13/06/201227/06/2012

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