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The Career Path of Freelance Programming Jobs 

   Freelance CAD/CAM projects

Project Name
Job Type
3D Artist Impression / Digital Rendering / Architectural Design - new houses 12CAD/CAM, Interior Design, 3D Rendering, Home Design, 3D Modelling29/05/201305/06/2013
CAE Help required 7CAD/CAM, Solidworks, Mechanical Engineering, Finite Element Analysis29/05/201305/06/2013
Small Aluminium Manufacturing Job 8CAD/CAM, Manufacturing, Solidworks28/05/201304/06/2013
CFD OF SMALL GLIDER (STRUCTURAL AND AERODYNAMIC ANALYSIS) 8CAD/CAM, Solidworks, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering28/05/201304/06/2013

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