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   Freelance Android App projects

Project Name
Job Type
Buddypress Mobile 0Handheld, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mobile, Android App, Buddypress19/06/201226/06/2012
Memory Game Application - Android App 0Handheld, Android, Google, Mobile, Application, Apple, Game, Android App19/06/201203/07/2012
Iphone And Android App 0PHP, MySQL, Handheld, iPhone, Android, Mobile, Application, iPhone App, Android App19/06/201226/06/2012
Wifi Smart Surge Protector 0Wireless, Handheld, iPhone, Android, Mobile, Wifi, Android App, Device Programming18/06/201202/07/2012
Android App: Tip Of The Day 0XML, Handheld, Social Networking, Android, Facebook, Mobile, Application, Android App14/06/201217/06/2012

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